'Booch News: All about Kombucha


Concerns Raised About Sugar Content of Kombucha

Sarah Pope, founder of The Healthy Home Economist, has raised concerns about the sugar content of some brands of kombucha. She notes that, since the drink has become popular, some brands sweeten with fruit juice and even sugar added post-fermentation....


What Kombucha Labels Tell Us

Nutritional Information As with all foods, kombucha brewers are legally required to include nutritional information on their bottles and cans. This allows us to see the amount of calories and sugar in each brand. However, labels in USA differ from...


Exclusive: GTs Kombucha plans European expansion

Booch News is able to reveal that category leader GTs Kombucha will soon be available in Europe. In an exclusive interview, Peter Groverman, CEO of international wellness-products distributor Grovara, detailed plans for GTs Kombucha to made available in Iceland, Britain...