KombuchaKon 2019 — International Impressions

Attendees at KombuchaKon 2019 certainly put the “International” in the Kombucha Brewers International annual gathering.

Click on the podcast icon below to hear what people who came from The Netherlands, Uganda, Finland, Thailand, Japan, and as far away as Colorado and Florida hope to get out of the event.

You’ll hear from the owners of Bob’s Kombucha, Gorssel, The Netherlands; Nutricom, Kampala, Uganda; The Good Guys Kombucha, Pirkkala, Finland; The Green Geek, Bangkok, Thailand; Kombuchaship, Saitama, Japan; and last but not least, Turtle Mountain Fermentery, Ft. Collins, Colorado; and Kombucha 221 BC, Sarasota, Florida.

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