Save the Date: Kombucha Summit, Berlin, October 5-6, 2019

Plans are underway for a two-day Kombucha Summit in Berlin, Germany. This gathering of over 200 commercial kombucha producers will help people develop their products and scale their businesses. It is Europe’s first conference for commercial kombucha producers.

The Summit will provide an opportunity to:

  • Network with other producers
  • Visit Berlin-based kombucha breweries
  • Enjoy tasting a variety of ‘booch at Europe’s largest kombucha bar
  • Meet industry experts & partners
  • Learn about the kombucha production process and expand your knowledge.

In addition, attendees can access a private online group to keep in touch with Kombucha producers from around the world.


These are the industry leaders already scheduled:

Adam Vanni, a co-founder and CEO of JARR Kombucha will present ‘The Journey to Becoming One of Europe’s Best Kombucha Success Stories.’

Hannah Crum, President & Co-Founder, Kombucha Brewers International (KBI), will present ‘Symbiosis – How Collaboration Grows Strong Culture’. Hannah is the author of The Big Book of Kombucha and travels the world to promote and protect the Kombucha industry. You can find her products and services online at Kombucha Kamp.

Sébastien Bureau, Founder & President, Mannanova Solutions will present ‘Scaling Your Kombucha Production’.

Denis Kelleher, Founder & CEO, Good Culture Kombucha will review ‘The European Kombucha Market’.

Be sure to check out the Kombucha Summit Blog for speaker profiles, updates on the event and more.


The second day of the event will be spent visiting Berlin kombucha breweries. These include Bärbucha Kombucha, Fairment, ManuTeeFaktur and ROY Kombucha. This will give attendees a first-hand look at a variety of production methods.


The Summit is the Betahaus Co-Working space, located in the iconic Geyer Werke building. This storied location was a center of German film production and editing, hosting the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and most productions of Wim Wenders.


I spoke with the three organizers:

To hear what they told me about the reasons they decided to launch the event, the unique challenges facing European kombucha companies, and much more, click on the podcast icon below.

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