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Kombucha Summit Berlin: By the numbers

Over 150 attendees from 39 countries attended the Kombucha Summit (KS22) in Berlin last weekend. The program listed 96 brands that registered and had been asked to state the volume of kombucha they brew per month. Survey participation An anonymous...


Kombucha Summit Berlin: Anticipation

The Kombucha Summit 2022 (#KS22) kicks off on Saturday morning. On Friday evening I caught up with a few of the attendees staying in the Aletto Hotel across the road from the Kühlhaus venue. They’d come from the Netherlands, Latvia,...


Kombucha Summit, Berlin: Schedule

The schedule for the Kombucha Summit, being held over the weekend of November 12-13 in Berlin, Germany, has been published. €179.00 tickets are available at the Summit website. I’ll be giving a brief update based on the numbers in the...


Kombucha Summit Online Community

I was impressed by the Virtual Kombucha Summit held online November 16-22, 2020. The organizers have now formed an online community which gives year-round access to the presentations and discussions from VKS20 (including my talk on global kombucha trends). The...