KKON24, Reno, Nevada – Agenda

My bags are packed for a busy few days in Reno, Nevada — three hours drive north-east of my home on the San Francisco Bay.

This is the second KKON24 Networking event of the year hosted by Kombucha Brewers International. It takes place May 7th – 8th, at the Reno Convention Center, in conjunction with the Craft Beverage Expo & Conference | Tasting & Tap Room Expo. The event has three tracks:

The Craft Beverage Track. Hannah Crum is on a panel on Strategies for Non-Traditional Beverages to Win Retail Real Estate. Others discuss Building Successful Sales Teams & Distribution Networks and Maximizing the Impact of your Marketing Budget. Wednesday has a series on funding and exit strategies.

The Tasting and Tap Expo Track. Presentations on Creating Immersive Tasting Experiences in your Tasting or Tap Room; Maximizing Tasting & Tap Room Revenue; and The Nuts & Bolts Of Design For Drinking Establishments.

The Kombucha Kon Track. Hannah will present the KBI Seal Program. Leonardo Andrade, of Companhia dos Fermentados explains The Art of Natural Carbonation Applied to Canned Kombuchas with Long Shelf Life; and Denisse Padilla of Boochman Kombucha talks about How to Operate Your Kombucha Business Outside of Your Taproom: Farmers Markets and Specialty Events.

I’m presenting on Trends in the Worldwide Kombucha Industry:

The Booch News Worldwide Directory lists over 2,600 brands in 104 countries. This data is a valuable source of information for new start-ups or those seeking to expand as they author their business plans and gain insight into how others are positioning and marketing their products. Beyond the numbers, the Worldwide Directory is a resource for examining the various ways to market kombucha products in more detail regarding branding, label design, flavoring options, and other product information shown in the social media feeds and on the company websites in the lists. This presentation will highlight the most popular brands in different regions, explain where growth in the number of followers on social media has been most dramatic and where it has leveled off, and showcase some of the most innovative trends.

Following the presentation attendees can expect to:

  • See the distribution and percentage growth of kombucha by region.
  • Understand how successful kombucha brands are promoting themselves online.
  • Review trends in other regions that you can consider using in your market


As with previous KKON events I’m helping judge entries in the Kombucha Kup. I’m looking forward to sampling the falvors and brands that have been entered.

Flash Sale

KBI have put tickets on sale for $99. See you in Reno!

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