Update: Kombucha Warehouse, Potters Bar, UK

We first reported on the Kombucha Warehouse in May 2023. The company is now two years old. I took advantage of a trip back to the UK to meet founding brothers Jack and Jordan Sotoriou in person at their facility north of London.

Rapid Growth

Their unique online business now offers over 60 kombucha brands (with over 200 flavors) from across the UK and ships overnight to the entire country. Distant locations sometimes take 48 hours,but most of the country will enjoy delivery by noon. Standard UK delivery is £5.00 with free delivery for orders over £50.00. They have grown 4x in the past year, adding new brands and flavors every month, and have expanded into fermented foods and kefir. They ship cans and bottles via DHL in custom packaging .

Expanding your palate

By stocking both the leading national brands and a wide range of smaller, artisanal brands, the Warehouse offers consumers the opportunity to taste varieties of kombucha that are not available elsewhere in one place. They quite simply offer the largest selection of kombucha in the world!

They encourage experimentation by offering combination boxes by type of flavor or mixed brand multi-packs.

Future plans

They intend to offer more transparency about kombucha on their site. Plans include tasting notes and process explanations, informing consumers about the production methods different brands employ (similar to the KBI Verified Seal program). In 2025, they intend to expand into B2B sales across the gut health category and create their own product range.

At the end of this year, they will hold a fermentation festival in Camden, which will include workshops, master classes, and a full-on festival atmosphere.


They are open to speaking to investors who are interested in helping them grow the business. You can contact them via email.


Tune in to hear Jack and Jordan.

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