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We first reported on Andrew Mills — the founder of NUNC Living Jun-Kombucha — in December 2020. At that time the company, started with a paltry £12,000, was only two years old. I took advantage of a trip back to the UK to meet Andrew in person at the Amersham Farmers’ Market outside of London.

Farmers’ Markets

Founded when the COVID lockdown started, Andrew was limited to selling indirectly. Now that restrictions have been lifted, he connects with consumers at three farmer’s markets per month. All are in his home county of Buckinghamshire: Amersham, Great Missenden, and Gerrard’s Cross, which are an hour south of his brewery.

While only 10% of revenue comes from the Markets, they are great for consumer education. Andrew estimates under 20% of the UK population knows about kombucha. The offer of free samples pulls people in. Local products attract people interested in regional foods.

Andrew sees the double-edged sword of the more prominent kombucha brands in the UK supermarkets that can give a wrong impression – some tasting more like a soda than authentic kombucha. However, they do introduce people to kombucha. His customers, often tasting authentic kombucha for the first time, are wowed by the experience (as you’ll hear on the podcast.)

The Markets are also an excellent opportunity to test new flavors.


NUNC uses a mix of two green teas (Green Darjeeling and Sencha) sweetened with honey from hives in a five-mile radius of the brewery. The 2.5% alcoholic kombucha uses wine yeast that gives a fruity flavor and neutralizes acids, so it tastes smoother than the non-alcoholic jun-kombucha. There is no hard kombucha currently available in the UK.

Recent Developments

  • They were chosen as the Official Kombucha of @DryJanuary in partnership with Alcohol Change UK.
  • Media profiles include this from the nationally broadcast Love Your Weekend Sunday show hosted by well-known presenter Alan Titchmarsh.
  • An interview on London’s Hoxton Radio Food & Drink show.
  • Availability at Whole Foods in London, alongside industry-leading brands, including Remedy, Momo Kombucha, Jarr, Los Bros, Hip Pop, and GTs.
  • Featured in a limited edition food pairing menu at the prestigious Mosaic restaurant at Westin Hotel in the City of London.
  • The addition of the UK’s first twice-fermented alcoholic kombucha at 2.5% ABV.


I interviewed Andrew and met with customers at his stall at the Farmers’ Market.

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