Interview: Adam Vanni, Jarr Kombucha

In this interview, Jarr Kombucha co-founder Adam Vanni updates us on the relocation of his brewery from East London in the UK to the Belgian city of Oudenaarde and the 350-year-old Liefmans Brewery.

Following the 2018 acquisition by Belgium family-owned brewery Duvel Moortgat, Jarr has continued to refine its premium offering. The move to Belgium, and decommissioning of the Hackney Wick brewery, was underway before the current coronavirus emergency.

In this interview Vanni shares details of the move as well as:

  • The advantages of having an EU-base in a post-Brexit world.
  • An exclusive announcement of their use of cans in addition to bottles.
  • Details of their fermentation technique in closed containers with a “liquid SCOBY’.
  • How filtration allows them to distribute ambient-temperature kombucha without resorting to pasteurization.
  • Where he sees the market for kombucha in the future.
  • Why they stepped away from selling kombucha on draft.

NEWSFLASH: Adam will host an Instagram Live conversation with GT Dave at noon (Pacific), 8:00 pm (GMT), on Sunday, April 5. Tune in on the Jarr Kombucha Instagram feed.

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