Profile: Lucas Montanari, Fermenta Com Ciência

Lucas Montanari is a biologist specializing in Natural Fermentation with a postgraduate degree in Nutrigenomics and Functional Foods, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by IIN (NY / USA) and a professor at the FAMESP Graduate Program in Functional Gastronomy.

He is the founder of Fermenta Com Ciência (Fermenting with Science), where he teaches courses, lectures, and consults. He is also the organizer of the Brazilian Kombucha Festival.

Brazil is a real hotbed for kombucha brewing, with over 250 commercial companies listed in the Worldwide Directory. There’s no-one better placed than Lucas to help us understand this exciting market.

Lucas discovered kombucha while living in Australia in 2013. He taught his first course in Brazil in 2015, and has now trained thousands of “Kombucheiros” with on-site and now online courses.

He is also on the Technical Board of ABKOM (Brazilian Kombucha Association) and researches the benefits of kombucha.

Online courses

Since the pandemic last year, Lucas has moved to 100% online courses. He teaches an Advanced Commercial Kombucha course on industrial production and marketing as well as courses on home brewing.

Virtual Kombucha Summit

The Virtual Kombucha Summit gives access to 16 lectures originally shown at the European Summit and kombucheiros talking about production scheduling, the science of Kombucha, the status of the market, and much more. All videos — including my own presentation on worldwide kombucha market trends — have subtitles in Portuguese (including mine)

Online Kombucha Festival

The online Brazilian Kombucha Festival aims to unite kombucha lovers from all over Brazil and everyone connected to this drink in some way, including consumers, artisanal and professional producers, equipment stores and fermentation supplies, establishments that sell the drink, tea and fermentation specialists, medical-scientific researchers, professors, and professional kombucha consultants.

It aims to strengthen and take root the “kombucheira” culture in Brazil, to present it to those who do not know it yet and to improve the techniques of those who already produce it, in addition to expanding the kombucha market to another level of growth, bringing more health and prosperity to all. Organized in the format of Online Congress, it has more than 25 lectures, classes, and live interaction, giving an opportunity to learn in the first and largest event 100% dedicated to kombucha in Brazil.


To hear from Lucas first-hand about his mission to make a healthier world by encouraging the development of the thriving Brazilian kombucha scene, tune in to the podcast interview.

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