For Sale: Turnkey Kombucha Company Equipment

I’ve been contacted by Mike Lair from Bozeman, Montana. He’s starting a beverage company called Fuckin’ Spirits (I kid you not!) and one of his partners is Kelly Marudas, the founder of Montana Hooch Booch LLC. Her company closed when the pandemic hit, and the equipment from the brewery (used to produce 200 gallons a week) has been sitting in a warehouse in Montana for the past two years. The equipment was only used for two years and is in like-new condition.

Mike and Kelly are looking to sell their turnkey kombucha brewing equipment for $79,000. They are open to negotiation and would even consider taking an equity position in a new company in lieu of cash.

Here’s a complete list of the equipment, which includes everything from a Kolpak Polar Pak Walk-In Cooler to fermentation tanks, kegerators, and more. Heck, they’ll even throw in a stapler and scissors!

Interested? Contact:

Mike Lair or

Cell – 650-438-2272


The content of this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is presented for general informational purposes only. We have no relationship with the sellers.

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