Jake Ahles’ presentation at KKON23 Unlock the Power of Visual Content Marketing: Boost Your Brand’s Impact, Engagement, and Sales highlighted why, in today’s highly visual world, brands need to stand out from the crowd with a powerful and engaging visual content marketing strategy.

Jake is the founder of Foodtography Studio: a visual content marketing company specializing in food and beverage CPG brands, particularly those with an eye toward the future of food and beverage. For over 10 years he’s worked with brands around the globe to help them engage their audience, accelerate sales, and gain market share.

His KKON workshop shared details of:

  • A comprehensive, actionable game plan for implementing a highly effective visual content marketing program that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.
  • An exclusive look at the F.E.E.E.D. Framework, a powerful cheat sheet that serves as your ultimate guide to crafting compelling visual content.

The five elements of F.E.E.E.D, which Jake says are essential ingredients of any successful visual content marketing campaign, and will enable you to create striking and impactful content, are:

  • Facts
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Excitement
  • Differentiation

The challenge, for many kombucha brands in emerging markets — frankly, most of the planet — is how to differentiate from beverage alternatives such as soda, bottled water, and beers. For those in mature markets, it would also include how to differentiate from other kombucha brands.

The piece Jake left out of his KKON workshop was examples of him own work, which can be found on his website. Here are some examples.

Still Photography

Video 1

Video 2


Following his presentation, I sat down with Jake and asked him to explain in more detail his views on visual marketing, and the services he offers. To find out more, contact him.

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