KKON23 – Attendee Impressions

KKON23 was held April 18 – 20 at the Westin Hotel, Long Beach, California. Over 150 attendees and exhibitors enjoyed hands-on workshops, presentations, and exceptional networking.

We took the opportunity to ask a random selection of attendees to share their impressions of the event. Listen to the podcast to hear from:

Flower Crown Kombucha, Tampa, FL

Crossfade Kombucha Cocktails, Boise, ID

Wirehaired Booch, Lewisville, NC

Reboot Hard Kombucha, San Diego, CA

Casa Alquimista, Culver City, CA

Kaldi Kombucha, Guatemala

Club Kombucha, Colombia

Zestea Kombucha, Taiwan

FermenSante, Haiti

BFF Kombucha, Spencer, WI

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