The Challenges of Commercial Kombucha Production

A seasonal newsletter from the UK’s Happy Kombucha highlights the challenges of commercial kombucha production. In addition to what they call “ready made kombucha” Happy Kombucha sell home brew supplies, including all-important SCOBYs.

They report how what seemed like insignificant damage to a small vent led to a loss of stock preceding the Christmas period.

Well what a year that has been, Thank you for all your support and patience.

Our recent experience with storm damage, albeit minor, brought us some unexpected challenges in the run up to Christmas. A few small vent covers were lost in the wind, seemingly insignificant but crucial as it turned out to maintaining air quality and temperature in our growing area. The absence of these covers resulted in a cold draft that unfavorably impacted our cultures and an unexpected twist, the repair process unveiled a further complication – the only access to the damaged area was through the scoby room ceiling, necessitating the removal of every single jar!

Once the work was complete we had to restart all the scoby jars one by one (it took forever) and then the scobys decided to be grumpy about the whole thing and grow slowly! I don’t blame them to be fair, their little worlds were shaken briefly.  They are now settling down and growing better and are much happier. I never want to have to do that again!

Many apologies to anyone looking for a scoby while they were out of stock. We took them out of stock to try and avoid Christmas carnage if they did not grow in time. They are all back in stock again now and while there will be dispatch delays when we initially return (just due to the amount of orders that need to be dispatched) there will be no extra waits for scobys.

It’s good to learn they recovered and are now shipping their certified organic SCOBYs for £8.95 each.

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