The Kombucha Tube Flavor Map

London’s Underground (Tube) map, designed in 1931 by Harry Beck, is a classic. His map dispensed with conventional geographical accuracy, simplifying the network and helping passengers understand it more quickly. It used only horizontal, vertical, and 45ΒΊ lines, with different Underground lines represented by standard colors.

This was the inspiration for our Kombucha Tube Map, building on the KBI Flavor Flower and Dr. Gary Spedding’s Flavor Map.

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London Town

A different Tube line represents each sensory group. In place of the Bakerloo, Northern, and Piccadilly lines, we find the Herbal, Woody, and Sweet Aromatic flavor groups. The red β€˜Fruity’ flavor line starts in the lower left with Berry, runs through central London past Apple, Stone Fruit, Tropical, and Melon, to end with Citrus along the top.

Dr. Spedding’s map added a selection of Teas to the groups in the KBI Flower, and these form the Circle Line.The dreaded Off Flavors and Aromas are relegated to the north-west suburbs of Watford and Amersham — best avoided by anyone with any taste πŸ™‚

Technical Note

The map was created from a template created by StΓ©phanie Krus.

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