Profile: Juice House Co, Benicia, California

The Juice House Co. is the closest kombucha brewery to the Booch News office at the northern end of the San Francisco Bay. Heck, we can almost see their shop from here. So it’s entirely appropriate that we profile them!

Local roots

In early March we stopped by their production facility in Benicia to meet co-founder Tiana Duvauchelle, who, with her sister Kelsea, created Juice House Co. Back in January 2018, they opened their shop on First Street serving organic cold-pressed juice, kombucha, and nut mylks.

Tiana had already founded the Yoga House Co. in Benicia back in 2012. The yoga practitioners were the first to enjoy a taste of her home-brewed ‘booch. Their enthusiastic response encouraged her to team with her sister, who moved back to California from Hawaii, to start the company

Production methods

They produce ‘booch in stainless steel 30-gallon fermentation tanks, with secondary fermentation taking place in kegs. They only use the best organic green and black tea blend and organic sugar. They sell both draft and bottled ‘booch.

Benicia’s Main Street

Their retail outlet at 611 First Street, on Benicia’s vibrant main thoroughfare, offers a wide range of cold-pressed juices, with names like Green Machine, Citrus Sea and Kale Yeah. They combine a selection of their fresh organic juices with their fresh-brewed kombucha. I sampled a bottle of Turmeric Stone with orange, carrot and turmeric juice blended into the ‘booch. Other popular kombucha flavors include Pomegranate and Grapefruit. You can also find their ‘booch on tap in Napa resorts and local farmers markets in the Bay Area.

In addition to being a thriving local business, they deal directly with local organic suppliers to create the best product with the best ingredients. They strive to minimize waste through recycling and reusing bottles and share leftover compost with local growers.

The Juice House Co. believes in positively impacting lives, through the power of food energy.

Future Plans

They continue to expand their operations, with a second retail location coming soon in Petaluma, an hour west of Benicia, and placement of their kombucha in local retailers.

To hear Tiana describe more about their operation and plans for the future click on the podcast icon below.

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