Highlights: GT Dave Instagram Live conversation

On Sunday April 5 Adam Vanni, co-founder of Jarr Kombucha, hosted an Instagram Live conversation with the legendary GT Dave, founder of GTs Living Foods. The 40-minute conversation was available for a brief time on the Jarr Kombucha Instagram page. However, there doesn’t seem to be an archived version.

Audio Highlights

The edited highlights in the podcast below begin as GT Dave describes how he scaled his production to become the largest kombucha supplier on the planet, while maintaining a small batch process.

We then hear about his vision of the future for GTs Living Foods, beyond kombucha.

The new name of the company was my way of saying we stand for living foods. Not just raw, living, authentic kombucha, but also other raw foods, and other living foods.

Going forward, in many ways, I feel that we’re just getting started. There’s so many other things. The world of fermented foods is a brilliant, beautiful, expansive world. It’s not limited to the few things we have on our shelves today.

We conclude the extract with GTs understand of what community means to him.

I think the word that describes community … is to be symbiotic. That means we’re better together, that we’re synergistic.

Community is a culmination of all these different walks of life that are anchored in a commonality of a certain belief or value. And that we work together to express that. And there really is no ego, and there shouldn’t be any ego in community, because we’re all working toward a common greater good.

In my mind, why community is so beautiful is that it really is people being united. Unity is something I think all of us need more of in this world. COVID-19 is teaching us a lesson in that respect. We need to understand that we are so incredibly connected, regardless of our age, our demographic, our ethnicity, our creed, our sexual orientation. This virus doesn’t discriminate. It’s a reason or a lesson for us to realize that, honestly, there’s only one race and that’s the human race, and there’s one planet and that’s planet earth, and we’re all earthlings, and that’s it.

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  1. the_editor says:

    Here’s another recent interview with GT Dave from Good Manners magazine which has the mission of using gratitude, motivation and inspiration to help others be successful and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

    In it, he reinforces what he said to Adam:

    I think the coronavirus is shining a bright light on how we are all connected more than we realize. We are one race, one planet.

    COVID-19 also raises awareness about the importance of being healthy and resilient. People with compromised immune systems are at the highest risk which reaffirms that we all need to prioritize nutritious food and exercise as a daily practice.

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