Save the Date: Virtual Kombucha Summit, November 16 – 22, 2020

Plans are underway for a week-long Virtual Kombucha Summit hosted in Berlin, Germany. This will replace the event originally scheduled for this weekend that was canceled due to the pandemic.

It will now be a virtual event that replicates the success of the 2019 event which was documented on freely available YouTube videos.

The Virtual Kombucha Summit is a 7-day online conference happening November 16 – 22, 2020. Attendees will have access to an online invite-only platform, where they can watch expert presentations and founder interviews, participate in live AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with speakers, join live workshops, and exchange ideas with fellow kombucha brewers. The platform will allow for structured debates around various topics (e.g., best equipment/processes, business tips and tricks, getting into retail, etc.).

The Agenda points to a round-the-clock schedule constructed with different time-zones in mind, with pre-recorded expert talks and networking day and night.
There are eight confirmed speakers (assume more will be announced):

  • Tadeusz Zagrabinski, Co-Founder, Bärbucha Kombucha on the History of Kombucha. What do we really know? A talk about the origins of kombucha and how it spread globally.
  • Line Hoff & Eric Sponseller, Founders, Læsk Kombucha on the Commercial Scale-up of a glass jar production – the Læsk story.
  • Thierry Tran, Ph.D. Candidate in Food Sciences on the Sensory Quality of Kombucha: the Role of Chemical Composition and Ways to Control it. The link between sensory components of kombucha and its chemical composition to help control the quality of the final product.
  • Freya Twigden, Founder, Fix8 Kombucha, on Producing Fully Authentic Kombucha in a crowded market – the Fix8 story.
  • Lisa & Alana Macfarlane, Founders, The Gut Stuff, on The Role of the Gut: Understanding our microbiome and the role of fermented foods.
  • Thomas Durant, Director of Production, Mannanova on Building your Brewery. How to plan and build your own Kombucha brewery.
  • Matthew Hoyle, Head of Production, The London Fermentary on how to use Aeration Methods in Kombucha Production.
  • Kara Taylor, Head of Laboratory Operations, White Labs.

Early Bird tickets are available at a bargain price:
• Early Bird (until October 4): 99€
• Late Bird (from October 5): 129€
• Regular (from October 19): 149€
They can be purchased from the Kombucha Summit website.

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