Bucha30: All-in-one kombucha brewery management software

Kombucha brewers understand the importance of tracking their data, whether in a spreadsheet, paper logs, or an electronic brewery management system. However, most of the data ends up sitting in a binder or locked in a spreadsheet. The main reason? People don’t know what to do with all those numbers and with all that data.

Software developed by The 5th Ingredient has the answer. Their original product, Beer30, created for the craft beer industry, is now available in a kombucha-specific version.

The all-in-one package was developed in conjunction with San Francisco Bay Area-based hard kombucha brewer, Dr Hops Kombucha Beer.

I recently talked with The 5th Ingredient CEO, Pulkit K. Agrawal, to learn more about the features that make this a solution for kombucha brewers of all sizes – from the smallest to largest.

The system tracks all aspects of the brewing and distribution process:

This flowchart shows how it integrates your data from “tea-to-glass.”

Comprehensive tracking

The software contains all the information you need about the core tea and core sugar for the base recipe. Bucha30 makes it easy to go back and look at brews and analyze flavors and taste and how it fermented. This helps increase quality and figure out what’s working – and what’s not.

Agrawal explains that “Being able to track recipes on our system takes the hard work out of monitoring your sugar and tea levels. It keeps your inventory up to date and data on your recipes all in one place. What’s more, we allow unlimited users, so that everyone can input and view data, from inventory to brewing, and from the lab tech side of things to sales and distribution, bookkeeping, and accounting. So this really closes the entire supply chain.”

It’s mobile, laptop, and tablet accessible.

The starter system costs as little as $125 per month for small breweries doing less than 30,000 gallons annually, and increases depending on brewery size. Their largest beer customers manage the production of 55,000 barrels (1.75 million gallons) annually. The system and comes with 7×24 support and data is secured on The 5th Ingredient servers.

User friendly

The 5th Ingredient aims to create user-friendly systems. It presents the data in a way that is easy to understand. It allows gross costs per brew to be compared against profit margins and other expenses. Brewers can analyze the health associated with harvesting the SCOBY and add that to the overall COGS (cost of goods sold) for that particular brew.


Listen to the podcast to hear Pulkit describe the Bucha30 system in more detail.

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