Clubhouse: The Global Kombucha Business

I’ll be speaking next Tuesday, September 7, at 6:30 pm (Pacific) at the weekly meeting of the Asian Americans Network on the Clubhouse app.

My talk will range from the basics (what *is* kombucha?) to its origins in Asia (where legend has Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang drinking the “elixir of life”). I’ll review the inventory of Asian-based commercial companies listed on the Booch News Worldwide Directory and current trends in the market favoring Asian palates (such as the Jamun flavor produced by Kultur’d in Jaipur). Then there’s the question as to whether kombucha is considered halal for Asian Muslims to consume.

The underlying theme will be how, from the origins in a few natural foods stores in Southern California, commercial kombucha is now a global business with new brands entering the market every day and consumer acceptance growing in leaps and bounds. The potential in Asia is huge, where, for example, there’s only one commercial brewer in Rajasthan, India, a state with a population of 68 million. Vietnam, population close to 100 million, has a handful of companies. And so on.

There’s more details about the Asian Americans Network on the DingDingTV website, and the link to join the Clubhouse event is here.

Hope to see you online on Tuesday!

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