Profile: Kultur’d Kombucha, Jaipur, India

Siddhi Tamby started Kultur’d while still in college. When the COVID pandemic hit, she returned from studying in Singapore to her home in Japiur, India, to brew her favorite probiotic beverages: kombucha, kefir and jun. Following an intensive period of R&D, the company launched in the summer of 2020. It’s the only commercial brewery in the state of Rajasthan, home to more people than all of the UK!

Kombucha on tap

Kultur’d is the first brand in India to offer kombucha on tap. This is popular in non-alcoholic taprooms such as Quyu’s in Jaipur. Since the majority of the population of India abstain, there’s a huge potential market for both bottled and draft alcohol-free fermented drinks.


The Kultur’d range includes Indian-specific flavors such as Jamun kombucha; as well as spicy-food friendly flavors such as Pineapple Clove and Star Anise jun; Pomegranate Mint, and Rose water kefir.

National ambitions

After graduation, Siddhi plans to expand distribution throughout India. The company is experimenting with shelf-stable formulas that, given the lack of cold-chain distribution in the country, is the only realistic way to ship outside the immediate region.


Click on the podcast icon to launch the interview recording and hear Siddhi tell the story of Kultur’d in her own words.

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