Profile: KC Kombucha, Sacramento, California

A recent visit to the KC Kombucha taproom in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento was an opportunity to meet owner Courtney Edwards and record a rare in-person podcast.

Small is Beautiful

The taproom and brewery operate out of a tiny, 500 square-foot store on the buzzy Broadway thoroughfare. Founded in 2017 with sales at Farmer’s Markets, the taproom opened in 2019 a few short weeks before COVID forced them to close for a period. Now reopened, they attract both the kombucha curious and a growing number of regulars.

They brew in nine 40-gallon stainless vessels and fill about 50 kegs every fortnight. Most of the kegs–where the flavoring is added–are powering the taps for direct-to-consumer sales. They have a number of bars, coffe shops, and restaurants in the region that serve kombucha on tap.

They also fill cans to go for people needing the convenience of transporting kombucha on winter ski trips or summer hikes in the nearby Sierras.

Blends and Flavors

Courtney brews from a special 70/30 blend of green and black tea from Davidson’s Organics. She honors the maxim that “the green tea is for you, the black tea is for the culture.”

They serve a rotating series of flavors, including seasonal favorites such as Hibiscus Rose, Butterfly Lemonade, Coconut Lime, Lemon Zest, Cherry Sass, and citrus-infused Creamsicle,

The price has been 25 cents an ounce since they opened.


To hear the story of KC Kombucha in Courtney’s own words, check out the podcast.

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