Profile: The KulchaBox Store, Berlin, Germany

I scheduled a full week in Berlin, where I reported on the Kombucha Summit over the weekend. That gave me plenty of time to connect with local brewers. This is the first of a series of Profiles from the trip.


In 2014, Julian embarked on a trip to India where he discovered kombucha. As soon as he returned, it was clear to him: he has to make that product more popular in Germany and people should know more about its positive effects on our health. Julian has been developing the KulchaBox products with love and dedication since 2020. In 2021 Anja joined him and they both created the KulchaBox Store where in addition to their own products, created in the brewery at the back of the store, you’ll also find a lot of other exciting, sustainable, innovative and social brands.


They are proud of being part of the growing trend towards “more conscious” consumption, where many consumers consider criteria such as sustainability, fair trade, etc. when making their purchasing decisions. One consequence of this development is the long-lasting trend towards organic products and towards regional or local products, with which consumers, in addition to short (environmentally friendly) transport routes, often also get high product quality and a “emotional connection” (tradition, homeland, craft etc.). Their target group of customers also want innovative, fair and healthy products that have another function or effect in addition to refreshment.

Kombucha, Gin, and more…

In addition to the various flavors of kombucha–made with Guayusa Tea–that are brewed in the back room, the store has a cornucopia of eclectic, locally sourced products. Among them:

Uniquely, they sell a variety of their kombucha blended with gin.

It’s a match made in Berlin. The first kombucha long drink in a bottle. The refreshing notes of Spree Gin pair perfectly with our Magucha Kombucha Butterfly. Lean back and enjoy this light kombucha long drink.

.33L sells for €6,50. Prost!


To hear Julian and Anja describing KulchaBox in their own words listen to the podcast

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