Exploring ChatGPT: marketing kombucha brands

The generative AI tool ChatGPT has been making waves. It’s (currently) free to use and accessible via any browser. If asked, it can generate results in multiple languages.

It’s being used to write blog posts, college essays, spreadsheets, computer code, and more. In this (lengthy) posting I explore the various ways the tool can be used in online marketing. First, by generating a series of headlines in various styles. Next, by generating keywords, website page outlines, FAQ’s and blog topics. ALL the content below, apart from the prompt headings that I typed, are exactly as generated by ChatGPT (in no time at all).

One of the secrets of using the tool is figuring out specific prompts to get the results you need. There’s a growing number of YouTube videos, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups where you can find ideas. Be aware that the results are not always 100% accurate and you should proof-read and edit as necessary. In fact, you might decide to just use the tool to brainstorm and then create your own content after you’ve seen what it suggests.

I recommend you experiment with your own prompts, specific to your brand, location, special offers, and so on. Feel free to post the results to the Comments section of this post.

Act as a headline generator and provide 5 headlines based on the following keywords: ‘kombucha’, ‘organic’, ‘billions of probiotics’, ‘gut health’.

1.” Kombucha: A Billion-Probiotic Boost for Your Gut Health”
2. “Organic Kombucha: The Key to a Healthy Gut and More”
3. “Billions of Probiotics in Every Sip: The Gut-Health Benefits of Kombucha”
4. “Achieving Optimal Gut Health with Kombucha’s Organic and Probiotic-rich Formula”
5. “Kombucha: The Organic, Probiotic-Packed Solution for a Stronger Digestive System

Rewrite in the style of Hannah Crum

1. “Kombucha is not just a delicious beverage, it’s a powerhouse of beneficial microorganisms that support gut health.”
2. “Are you aware of the gut-health benefits that come with every sip of organic kombucha? It’s teeming with billions of probiotics.”
3. “As a kombucha maker, I am passionate about the potential of this fermented tea to support gut health through its natural probiotic content.”
4. “The gut-health benefits of kombucha are undeniable, as it’s rich in organic acids and billions of probiotics that support the gut microbiome.”
5. “Kombucha isn’t just a trend, it’s a functional beverage with a long history of supporting gut health thanks to its organic acids and probiotics.”

Rewrite in the style of Gary Vee

1. “Yo, let me tell you something about Kombucha – it’s not just a beverage, it’s a billion-probiotic gut-health powerhouse.”
2. “Kombucha, baby! Organic, packed with probiotics, and it’s going to change the game for your gut health.”
3. “If you’re not drinking Kombucha, you’re missing out on billions of probiotics that are key to gut health.”
4. “I’m telling you, Kombucha is the real deal when it comes to organic probiotics and gut health.”
5. “Kombucha is the future of gut health. Organic, packed with billions of probiotics, and it’s time to get on board.”

Act as a web page content generator and List 4 main keywords for a product page selling natural kombucha.

  1. Kombucha
  2. Natural
  3. Fermented
  4. Probiotics

Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink made from tea, sugar, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Known for its probiotic properties, kombucha is a great choice for those looking to improve their gut health. Our natural kombucha is made with only the highest quality ingredients, and is free from artificial preservatives and flavors. Whether you’re new to kombucha or a seasoned pro, our product is sure to delight your taste buds and support your overall wellness. So why wait? Try our delicious and naturally fermented kombucha today!

List 4 keywords to target on a landing page selling natural kombucha. Include keywords that customers would search to find this product.

  1. Natural Kombucha
  2. Organic Kombucha
  3. Probiotic Drink
  4. Fermented Tea

Natural kombucha is a popular probiotic drink that’s made from organic tea, sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Many customers looking for this product might search for keywords such as “natural kombucha”, “organic kombucha”, “probiotic drink” and “fermented tea” to find it online. These keywords would be useful to include on a landing page selling natural kombucha in order to attract customers who are looking for a healthy and natural alternative to traditional sugary drinks.

Taking the keywords ‘natural kombucha’ and ‘organic kombucha’, write 2 title tags within 150 characters for this product page.

  1. “Organic and Natural Kombucha – The Perfect Probiotic Drink”
  2. “Experience the Health Benefits of Natural and Organic Kombucha”

Both titles are concise and convey that the product is organic and natural, while also highlighting the probiotic benefits of kombucha. The first title emphasizes that the kombucha is the perfect probiotic drink, while the second title focuses on the health benefits of the natural and organic ingredients. Both titles are within 150 characters.

Now write a meta description for this page. Make sure to use the two mentioned keywords.

“Discover the delicious taste and natural health benefits of our organic and natural kombucha. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, our fermented tea is free from artificial preservatives and flavors. Perfect for those looking to improve their gut health and support overall wellness. Try our natural kombucha today!”

This meta description contains both the keywords “organic” and “natural” which are relevant for the product, it also mentions the benefits of the product, the ingredients that are used on the product and the target audience for the product. It’s concise and provides enough information for a person to understand what the product is about and what benefits it offers.

Now write a h1 tag for this page.

“Organic and Natural Kombucha: A Delicious and Healthful Fermented Tea”

The H1 tag for this page emphasizes that the product is both organic and natural, it also highlights the benefits of the product, the fermented tea aspect and it’s delicious taste. This H1 tag effectively summarizes the main focus and unique selling point of the product and will help to inform customers what this page is all about.

Create a content outline for this product page. Ensure it is targeting the keywords ‘natural kombucha’ and ‘organic kombucha’.

I. Introduction

  • Explanation of what kombucha is and its benefits
  • Emphasis on the natural and organic ingredients used in our kombucha
  • Brief overview of the different flavors available

II. Health Benefits

  • Discussion of the probiotic properties of kombucha
  • Information on how kombucha supports gut health and overall wellness
  • Comparison to other sugary drinks and their negative effects

III. Ingredients and Production

  • Description of the natural and organic ingredients used in our kombucha
  • Explanation of the fermentation process and how it contributes to the probiotic properties
  • Discussion of the absence of artificial preservatives and flavors

IV. Our Flavors

  • Description of the different flavors available
  • Information on the unique taste and health benefits of each flavor
  • Images of the product

V. Testimonials

  • Quotes from satisfied customers
  • Images of happy customers enjoying our kombucha

VI. Conclusion

  • Recap of the natural and organic ingredients used
  • Summary of the health benefits of our kombucha
  • Call to action to purchase our product

This content outline focuses on the two main keywords, “natural kombucha” and “organic kombucha”, by highlighting the natural and organic ingredients used in the product, explaining the fermentation process and emphasizing the health benefits of the product. The outline covers all the important aspects that a customer would want to know before making a purchase, and also includes testimonials and call to action to encourage them to buy.

Create a list of semantic keywords to include on this page.

  1. Kombucha
  2. Natural
  3. Organic
  4. Probiotic
  5. Fermented tea
  6. Immune system
  7. Digestion
  8. Weight loss
  9. Antioxidants
  10. Ingredients
  11. Quality
  12. Taste
  13. Order
  14. Flavors
  15. Health benefits
  16. Live culture
  17. Sustainable
  18. Traditional brewing methods
  19. Handcrafted
  20. Non-GMO

Now add these keywords to a table and add columns for ‘topic’ and ‘intent’.

Fermented teaProductInformative
Immune systemHealthInformative
Weight lossHealthInformative
Health benefitsHealthInformative
Live cultureProductInformative
Traditional brewing methodsProductInformative

Note: Topic column describes the topic the keyword is related to and Intent column describes whether the keyword is used to inform or persuade the audience

List 10 frequently asked questions related to this landing page.

  1. What is kombucha and what are its benefits?
  2. How is kombucha made?
  3. What is the difference between natural and organic kombucha?
  4. What are the flavors of kombucha that you offer?
  5. How can kombucha improve my immune system?
  6. How does kombucha aid in digestion?
  7. Can drinking kombucha help me lose weight?
  8. What are the antioxidant properties of kombucha?
  9. Why should I choose your natural and organic kombucha over others?
  10. How can I order your natural and organic kombucha?

Now suggest 3 related blog posts that can be linked to from this page.

  1. “The Science Behind Kombucha: Understanding the Health Benefits”
  2. “Organic vs. Natural: What’s the Difference in Kombucha?”
  3. “Komb
  4. ucha and Weight Loss: Can it Help You Shed Pounds?”

These blog post titles suggest that the posts discuss about the science and benefits of kombucha, the difference between organic and natural kombucha, and the effect of kombucha in weight loss which are all related to the product page.

Midjourney: AI Images

Generative AI is not just for text and coding. Wildflower Kombucha based in Salida, Colorado report that their logo was created with the help of Midjourney Discord.

PROMPT: /imagine a simple logo for a company called “wildflower kombucha” located in Colorado that embodies the brand values of clean, organic, health conscious, high integrity, good for the environment and sustainable.

They solicited customer feedback on earlier iterations before choosing the final version which was up-scaled and refined in Photoshop (above). A seclection of the original 4×4 images from Midjourney shows the origins of the design. Even without Photoshop skills owners can use Midjourney to prototype ideas and then as a professional to create the camera-ready version from these.

Midjourney Experiments

Until recently (March 30, 2023) anyone could open a free Midjourney account and generate 25 images. However, this was suspended, so you’ll have to pay at least $10 per month to use the technology. Getting started is somewhat confusing since you first have to login to the Discord server. This Quick Start will guide you through the process. Once you login expect to be overwhelmed since you will see a river of images that people who are logged on at the same time are producing. You’ll find help on YouTube.

There’s are levels of sophistication beyond the ‘show me a picture of an astronaut riding a pale horse on the moon’ which many people start with. But, in case you are curious:

I’ve had fun playing with phrases from James Joyce’s novel ‘Ulysses’, and imagining my life in a parallel universe where I had stayed in the north of England. It can be a time sink!

However, there are seriously talented ‘Prompt Engineers’ whose work you can look to for inspiration and cut and paste their prompts for your own purposes. (What? you thought AI art that is derived from existing images to begin with can be copyrighted? Think again!) I recommend following the amazing Nick St. Pierre on Twitter and YouTube.


The content of this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of March 30, 2023, and is presented for general informational purposes only. However, generative AI tools are rapidly changing, so your mileage might vary. The opinions are those of the editor. Please send corrections or questions to ian@boochnews.com. Comments are welcome.

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