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Fun with Generative AI

In preparing for my presentation on AI at the upcoming KKON23 event in Long Beach, I tried out some fun prompts to demo the capabilities of generative AI programs like ChatGPT and Midjourney. These are more elaborate than the usual...


KKON23 Agenda

The full Agenda for the 2023 Kombucha Conference (KKON23) has been published by Kombucha Brewers International. The event takes place April 18 -20 at the Westin Long Beach. It’s the 9th of the annual events. Tickets are still available. In...


Exploring ChatGPT: marketing kombucha brands

The generative AI tool ChatGPT has been making waves. It’s (currently) free to use and accessible via any browser. If asked, it can generate results in multiple languages. It’s being used to write blog posts, college essays, spreadsheets, computer code,...