Tea Masters interviews STEALTH Naked Kombucha

Stéphane Erler of Taiwan’s Tea Masters interviewed STEALTH Naked Kombucha founder Ronald Chapdelaine. Stéphane, of French-German background, has lived in Taiwan since 1996. His blog, http://TeaMasters.blogspot.com, explores the world, culture and history of tea. His YouTube channel has over 400 videos about all things tea.

The subtitled video interview with Ronald was posted at the beginning of August and covers a wide range of topics, centering on STEALTH Naked’s exclusive use of teas from this source. Ronald starts by explaining “what is kombucha” and discusses the central role the quality of the teas play in crafting superior kombucha.

STEALH Naked in (as the name suggests) “naked” or OG, unflavored kombucha.

What sets STEALTH Naked Kombucha apart from other brands is its intense taste borne of fresh, hand-picked whole tea leaves always brewed to perfection with Essentia® ionized alkaline living water. My carefully honed fermenting process yields the most potent kombucha experience imaginable. STEALTH Naked Kombucha is the only kombucha that is able to stand on its own—truly naked without ever any added flavorings.

The brand name is an acronym for “Stimulate True Energy and Longevity That Heals.”

For Ronald, it’s all about balance and making the most of quality teas:

I take my tea very seriously and it really is all about tea, so that’s what I’m really obsessed about — trying to get the best teas and trying to yield the best steep… I can easily get nine or ten steeps out of your tea and there’s still color, there’s still flavor… I’ll do ten steeps and then I’ll blend them all together so at the end of the the whole process I’ve got one tea that essentially one steep made from ten steeps.

Stéphane conducts a tasting of the kombucha, shipped from Massachusetts, and compliments the natural sweetness and “non-alcoholic cider-like” taste.

The full interview is well worth a half-hour of your time to hear two people who are passionate about quality teas.

This video is re-posted with the express permission of Tea Masters and STEALTH Naked Kombucha.

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