Profile: Cam Kombucha, Guadalajara, Mexico

My recent vacation in Mexico alerted me to the lack of retail availability of any but the leading brands. Research shows that Mexico ranks fourth worldwide in the number of active kombucha companies. However, the vast majority are small, regional operations. This is the second in a series of interviews with some of these pioneers.

Cam Kombucha is based in the Zapopan district of Guadalajara — Mexico’s second-largest city. Founder Camila Lamas first tried GTs Trilogy on a visit to California ten years ago. On graduation from college, with the support of her parents, she began a commercial operation just over two years ago. She now produces over 6,000 liters a month with the help of a team of five in production and sales.

What’s in a name?

Camila landed on the name ‘Cam Kombucha’ as a sign of her pride in her brand. It has a pleasing alliteration and, let’s face it, the leading brand is named after the *initials* of the founder — which might, in all honesty, be confused by some consumers with gran turismo autos πŸ™‚

The logo represents the circle of life, and the ‘Mindful Drink’ tagline aligns with her philosophy.


Cam Kombucha is now stocked in over 70 cafes, restaurants, and retail stores across Guadalajara. Including:


Cam Kombucha is available in five flavors, and the 473ml cans sell for 65-70 pesos ($3.50 – $4.00). They have English monikers — as have Bebida Viva with ‘Calm’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Energy’:

    • Paradise (Pineapple/Coconut)

    • Vibes (Passion Fruit)

    • Life (Mint)

    • Love (Pineapple/Ginger/Cinnamon)

    • Mind (Natural)

The product was originally sold in bottles, but, for environmental and convenience reasons has transitioned to cans.


Listen to the podcast to hear Camila tell the story of Cam Kombucha in her own words.

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