Guest Posting: Real World and Digital Marketing Beverage Trends-2024, by Hanifa Sekandi

The beverage race requires a lot of grit and stamina. It is about the long game and certainly not short wins. Although, every brand aspires to be the viral brand of the moment. What the alcoholic beverage industry learned in 2023 is that not all trends are beneficial to your bottom line. Also, your consumer values quality more than social acclaim. Let’s be honest: online growth is integral to modern marketing success. Although out-of-home (OOH) marketing is still viable, it must be coupled with innovative digital marketing strategies.

So, where do you start in your next marketing cycle? Now that you have wrapped up your holiday marketing campaign, a new year brings endless opportunities to become a standout brand or to keep your current notoriety.

Where the Real World Meets the Digital World

Subliminal marketing will never get old. Although some consider it to be an archaic marketing strategy, it is not. Have you ever walked or driven by a billboard of a chicken sandwich by a popular food chain and then later that day see the same ad while you scroll through social media? By the end of the week, when that hunger strikes, it is likely that you will find yourself either making a chicken sandwich with a recipe you stumbled upon on TikTok or firing up your food delivery app to order one.

Traditional marketing still works, although it is hard to measure the return on your investment with tangible metrics. Remember, before the digital world took over, advertisers spent a lot of time creating campaigns for magazines, billboards, benches, buses or anywhere they could display. It worked, and it still does. What digital advertisers understand from this method is that the more people see something, the more likely they are to gravitate toward it when they are browsing through beverage options at the store. Something new is always worth a try when it is familiar.

Click through to Beverage Master Magazine to read more. Hanifa shares insights on beverage marketing in the digital world including tips on video marketing, and curated marketing such as email and newsletters. She then reviews options for real world beverage marketing such as display ads, and experiential events.

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