Profile: Urban Mama 505, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Julie Morrell and Ted Archuleta founded Urban Mama 505 in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June 2021. This was after a dozen years brewing kombucha at home that helped Julie resolve health issues including a brain tumor, autoimmune disorder, and fibromyalgia. Once restored to full health she moved into a commercial space in the cooperative commissary kitchen in operated by the South Valley Economic Development Center.

They now have a taproom on the iconic Route 66 as well as a bodega grocery store selling loose teas and local products including honey, baked goods, and mushroom coffee. The location is in a space shared with an art gallery–hidden from the street–but worth seeking out.

Ted and Julie share a passion for Kangen alkalized water and are committed to making sure that every flavor of Urbanmama505 kombucha uses only the best organic teas and natural ingredients. They claim the alkalized water enables them to draw about 60% more flavor out of the black Nepalese teas they brew with.


They flavor the clear black kombucha base with doTerra essential oils to produce:

  • Rosie Black Kombucha
  • Clear Amarillo Kombucha
  • Clear Lima Kombucha
  • Black Guatemalan Kombucha

They distribute to over 40 accounts in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and other towns in the region.


Hear Julie tell the story of UrbanaMama505 Kombucha in her own words.

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