KKON22 – Kombucha Conference Attendees

KKON22 was held March 30 – April 1 at the Westin Hotel, Long Beach, California. Over 200 attendees and exhibitors enjoyed hands-on workshops, presentations, and exceptional networking.

We took the opportunity to ask a random selection of attendees to share their impressions of the event. Listen to the podcast to hear from:

  • Of The Earth, India
  • Fizzicle, Singapore
  • Rocky Mountain Cultures / High Country Kombucha, Colorado
  • Case de la Kombucha, Barcelona
  • Urbanmamma505, Alberquerque
  • Southwest Booch, Houston
  • Fermensch Kombucha, Huntington Beach
  • Idaho Kombucha Co, Boise
  • Dr Hops Kombucha, Berkeley
  • Han’s Kombucha, Salt Lake City
  • The Good Guys, Finland
  • Moss Beach Kombucha, California
  • Living Swell Kombucha, Santa Cruz
  • Feigt Tree Wellness, Mira Loma

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