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Profile: Simbiótica Fermentación, Mexico City

Tania Góngora (a food scientist) and Fernanda (‘Fer’) Iturbide (a sociologist and marketing expert) founded Simbiótica Fermentación in Mexico City in 2017. They divide responsibility between the fermentation science and marketing of their eight-year-old company, which now employs 18 people....


Profile: Café Bärbucha, Berlin, Germany

This is the second in the series of Profiles of Berlin-based kombucha brewers, which I scheduled around the weekend Kombucha Summit. Meeting a frequent contributor to Booch News and a legend in the worldwide kombucha industry was indeed one of...


17 Kombucha Brewery Videos

Back in 2011, Lion Heart kombucha posted a short video of their production process to YouTube. They commented: [We are] revealing all of our secrets…well, they’re not really secrets. We made this video because we are proud of how we...