Blog Review: Brewch, Seattle, WA

  • Brewch is a different kind of kombucha company. Rather than selling ‘booch, they make flavorings for home brewers. They promise that “With just a little squirt of Brewch, you can create kombucha flavors that will rival anything sold in a store.”

Their blog  was launched when they started the company. After three postings in October they’ve not updated it since. However, since they are such an unusual category, we’ve gone ahead with the review.


Blogging since: Oct 17, 2018
Last Updated: Oct  25, 2018
Posting Frequency: 3x first month
Post Length: 200-400 words
Aesthetic Appeal: Clean design, standard WordPress blog.
Graphics: N/A
Categories: Flavoring FAQ’s
Comments allowed: Yes global traffic ranking: 744,499
Social Media:  Very minimal.They joined Twitter in March 2018 and have not tweeted. Their Instagram account has just 15 posts and 85 followers.   They have 41 followers on Facebook.

Flavorings for the Home Brewer

Their $25 flavoring pack with nine unique flavor extracts is available on Amazon. This is enough flavoring for nine gallons of kombucha–a gallon per 10ml bottle.

We were surprised that in their first blog post announcing the launch of their products,  there’s no link to Amazon for people to order it. (Where it list in 209th place under “Home Brewing Starter Kits”.)

They’re presumably selling to the same set of customers who have made The Kombucha Shop a multi-million business.  Kate Field has reported selling hundreds of her $45 starter kits a day. A co-marketing deal with Brewch & TKS might not be a bad idea.

Their second blog post champions their ability to add flavoring to kombucha without adding extra sugar.

The third and final posting (to date) discusses how to enjoy a fizzy carbonated second fermentation without added sugar. They claim there’s “no clear way to measure the amount of sugar leftover from the first fermentation”.  Home brewers might want to invest $18.99 in a Brix Refractometer and see if the numbers they get from that instrument are a help.


The blog postings are written by Skye Cornell.  Her LinkedIn profile explains that she works as an associate with Brewch and has:

  • Analyzed industry trends to determine feasibility of new product entry.
  • Studied the kombucha industry in order to understand the culture of the customers and the process of making kombucha.
  • Collaborated with designer and associate through several phases of the logo development process.
  • Brainstormed content for website.
  • Initiated contact with local industry professionals in order to create relationships and glean information.
  • Tested the flavoring product on several batches of kombucha

While at Northwestern University, Skye placed first in a Shark Tank Competition. Just like Kate Field!


Brewch have a unique offering for home brewers. It would be great to read blog postings reporting on customer reaction, success stories and tasting notes. (I’m curious to hear what their “Miracle Potion” tastes like.) They should work on getting some customer reviews on Amazon, as well as gingering up their other social media channels.

The product description on Amazon (where flavors are described)  could be expanded into a  blog post.

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