Celebrating diversity on Instagram

The previous postings in this series took Kombucha companies to task for the images they post to their Instagram accounts. We noted the lack of diversity in many of the accounts, and looked at prevalence of sexually suggestive photographs.

This post highlights the kombucha accounts that celebrate diversity. We searched out pictures that show other kombucha lovers than those who practice yoga or loll around on the beach.


This collage is a sample of the pictures we found on a number of Instagram accounts. They show people of different ages and races enjoying kombucha. Some of are customers, others relatives of the founder. They are, however, the exception to the rule. They are few and far between. Which makes them all the more powerful for being so rare, so exceptional.

On Instagram, every picture tells a story. Clicking through to read the text tells us more about the picture than the thumbnail alone.

Here’s the story behind some of the ones we’ve included in the collection above.

Young and old

(Click on the images to view the original Instagram posting.)

Holy Kombucha’s babe lovin’ ‘booch
Brothers and Sister’s Kombucha’s 92-year-old Polish fan

Health-Ade Kombucha’s 98-year-old fan
Happy Culture Kombucha’s South African Bushman fan

Friends and Family

GTs Living Foods founders Mom

Karma Kombucha’s Sikh friend cooling off in Paris
Mamachari Kombucha’s  pedi cab customer

GTs Living Foods lovin’ couple


Get Kombucha’s SCOBY-happy customer (full motion video)
Baba’s Brew celebrates strong women
Real Kombucha’s Farringdon bartender

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  1. Ian says:

    Our friends at Left Field Kombucha in Eyemouth, Scotland, nominated Jo’s Dad, a retired North Sea fisherman, as a stand-out in the diversity category. We agree. He’s hands on in the brewery at an age when his fellow fishermen are probably out on the golf course. Their ‘booch business is a family business!
    John Easingwood

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