Profile: Marin Kombucha, Novato, CA

BevNet have posted an interview with Brian Igersheim, the founder of Marin Kombucha. He started the company in 2015 with his brother in a small commercial kitchen and now occupies a 7,500 square foot brewing facility in Novato, California, distributing from coast to coast.

BevNet reports:

They offer a line of oak aged kombuchas that are craft brewed in small batches. CEO & Brewmaster Brian Igersheim is focused on delivering high quality kombucha that highlights the special qualities of the tea leaves. The company differentiates through precision, ensuring the steeping and fermentation processes are temperature controlled [Oh? Unlike other brewers who just boil water and fergeddit? Ed], and developing the proper flavor profiles.

Last October, we kicked off the Booch News Instagram by posting a picture of their innovative ‘gas-pump’ style dispenser we spotted at Copperfield’s Books in San Rafael.

Check out the five-minute BevNet video below where they outline their production process. They steep the teas in two steps, at 190 and then at 200-degrees. They “capture California in a bottle”.

They have solid bottle and keg distribution in Northern California, but see a market opportunity in draft dispensing, so as not to have to compete with chiller shelf space in stores. This is similar to the strategy of UK brewers like Real Kombucha, now available on draft in 1,000 UK pubs.

He’s surprised by the degree to which the sports world embraced kombucha (hardly news to rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson!).

Congrats to Marin Kombucha for the profile! Check out the video that was posted today by BevNet.

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