Guest Posting: The Kombucha Kween

By way of introduction, I’m @kombucha_kween and I’m a kombucha konnoisseur based in London, UK. After trying countless brands in countless cities around the globe I decided that others may benefit from the adventures of my palate. My mandate is ‘Original’ or ‘Naked’ ‘booch, and I am adamant about rating (with a #KompositeScore) only those kombuchas that fit within that strict guideline. As my saying goes — No ‘Original’, no #KompositeScore

It all started as a conversation among friends. “Geez Kayla, you sure talk about all of the different Kombucha you drink, which one is your favourite?” This morphed into a rating based on: value for money, flavour, availability, packaging, and branding. From this, an analytical #KompositeScore was coded. I’ll share more on the benefits of a holistic scoring approach in my next post!

Original ‘booch

The #KompositeScore has always been and will continue to be based on ‘Original’ kombucha. This is because I FIRMLY believe that every brand should offer a non ‘extra’ flavoured version. 

Why? Not everyone wants the added sweeteners, purees, extracts, flavourings, infusions or sugars (natural or otherwise/fake). 

As a fermented tea, Kombucha takes on different flavours all on it’s own when the highest quality teas are used. Why alter perfection? This is what I mean when I talk about ‘Original’ flavour. It is tasty without adding anything else to it apart from pre-fermentation ingredients (tea, sugar, S.C.O.B.Y). Why make it less healthy with other bits?  And also, if you are consuming it for the digestive miracle wonders, sugar infused ‘boochs won’t help you. 

Future Topics

Over the coming blog posts, in collaboration with Booch News, I will share my findings on the ‘booch scene and raise some controversial and hopefully thought provoking questions:

  • Why is ‘Original’ ‘booch representation so low, and whose responsibility is it to ensure it’s stocked — brands or retailers?
  • When bits (fruit, spices…) are added pre-fermentation, is it still considered ‘Original’?
  • What is a #KompositeScore and why is it so important to consider multiple factors when assessing ‘booch?
  • What is Share of Stomach and how has it changed?
  • What to do while we wait for ‘booch regulation?
  • What does pastuerized mean and is that bad for me?

We may not know the answers today, but together as a #kommunity, we can shape what the future of #kombucha looks like!


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