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Kombucha: The Outer Limits

As the kombucha category continues to expand worldwide, there are several “interesting” variations on the gold standard of authentic, unpasteurized, raw kombucha coming onto the market. In the absence of a Standard of Identity for the drink, vendors are free...


Profile: YAYA Kombucha, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Like most brewers, Tom and Charlotte began brewing kombucha in their home in Amsterdam. In 2015 they started brewing commercially, and the spare bedroom became a bonafide home brewery where the flavor development and research began. One year and many tastings...


Guest Posting: The Kombucha Kween

By way of introduction, I’m @kombucha_kween and I’m a kombucha konnoisseur based in London, UK. After trying countless brands in countless cities around the globe I decided that others may benefit from the adventures of my palate. My mandate is...