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Kombucha: The Outer Limits

As the kombucha category continues to expand worldwide, there are several “interesting” variations on the gold standard of authentic, unpasteurized, raw kombucha coming onto the market. In the absence of a Standard of Identity for the drink, vendors are free...


Mamma mia! They spiked my kombucha!

I’m just back from a nice lunch with my wife at a fabulous waterfront Italian restaurant in nearby Benicia. As I often do when eating out, I brought a bottle of my home brew ‘booch to drink with the meal...


Kiwi Kompany Kombucha Kampaign Killed

Startling news from the Antipodes just in. The New Zealand Herald reports that Australian Remedy Kombucha was forced to pull an advertising campaign that featured a photo of a hand holding a bottle of their ‘booch with the text: “TELL...