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Human Trial Reports Kombucha Benefits

Thanks to Lou Dillon of Twisted Kombucha for sharing news about a significant human study conducted at the Australia Institute, exploring the intriguing world of kombucha nutrition. In the first controlled clinical trial in humans, results showed that living kombucha...


Video: Is Kombucha Good for You?

The good folks at Mei-Leaf tea are back with an interview with Adam from Jarr Kombucha discussing the health effects of kombucha. This follows on from their informative brewery tour that we included in our February video listing. This time...


Concerns Raised About Sugar Content of Kombucha

Sarah Pope, founder of The Healthy Home Economist, has raised concerns about the sugar content of some brands of kombucha. She notes that, since the drink has become popular, some brands sweeten with fruit juice and even sugar added post-fermentation....