Kombucha Reviewers

An unexpected benefit of researching the Worldwide Directory of commercial kombucha brewers has been finding the folks out there who post ‘booch reviews on Instagram.

Here’s a list of 33 50 reviewers. Not all of their posts are reviews, and some are far more detailed than others. They are located in different corners of the world so you should find a good selection of brands to read about.

Raise a glass of ‘booch to these brave souls, who taste commercial brands and take the time to share what they found.

NameNumber of Posts
Kombucha Hunter920
Kombucha Connoisseur413
Kombucha Curator245
Bucha Wild245
Bennett Boundless233
Bryans Bubbly Booch140
Tonic Elixir92
Big Booch – Larry Scoby89
Kombucha Reviews83
Boochstrap Bill77
Beer and Booch74
Hks Shima73
The Kombucha Apostles72
‘Booch Buff 69
The Kombucha Reviewer69
Kombucha Kween69
Kombucha King62
Hagans Kombucha53
BuchaBox Kombucha Podcast52
I am Fermentarian49
Kombucha Advocate 46
Chakán Kombucha45
Kombucha Review Blog31
Kombucha Jess30
Kombucha Travels29
Kombucha Kaki23
Kombucha Reviews17
Kombucha Reviews New Zealand17
Kombucha Around Town16
Kombucha Reviews Twin Cities15
Kombucha Ratings14
Kombucha Reviewss13
Bucha Reviews11
Booch Jones11
Big Booch + Booch Babe11
Cold Beverage Experts 11
Yura Kombucha10
Boochie Baby 10
South Dakota Booch Gal10
Kombucha Kueen10
I Review Kombucha7
Scoby Scout7
Kombucha Reviewer6
Kombucha Stars6
Jen Rates Booch5
We Rate Kombucha5
Kombucha Diaries4
Blog the Booch2
Mucha Kombucha2

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