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Environmental impact of beverage containers

Oenophile Jancis Robinson writes in the Weekend Financial Times (subscription required) about the environmental impact of beverage containers. While acknowledging that glass bottles are the material of choice for fine wines, she wonders if plastic, cans, or keg alternatives could...


Mamma mia! They spiked my kombucha!

I’m just back from a nice lunch with my wife at a fabulous waterfront Italian restaurant in nearby Benicia. As I often do when eating out, I brought a bottle of my home brew ‘booch to drink with the meal...


Kombucha Reviewers

An unexpected benefit of researching the Worldwide Directory of commercial kombucha brewers has been finding the folks out there who post ‘booch reviews on Instagram. Here’s an updated list of 64 reviewers. Not all of the 4,542 posts are reviews,...