Investment opportunity: CommuniTea Kombucha

CommuniTea Kombucha looking for investors

Chris Joyner, the owner of CommuniTea Kombucha in Seattle, is looking for a business partner.

Chris started making kombucha for sale in Ohio in 1993. In 2008, he started Seattle’s first kombucha business, creating CommuniTea Kombucha with limited capital. Since starting the business, he has been serving as its brewmaster, public relations director, operations manager, and marketing director. In 2015, he designed and occupied a new larger brewery.  He’s now looking for an equity partner. He would like to hear from:

  • someone who has a special knack for business, a keen interest, and resources;
  • someone who wants to help run a conscious business. 

He writes:

CommuniTea has an enthusiastic customer base in the Seattle area. With strong leadership, an infusion of capital, and a vigorous marketing program, the company is in a position to achieve a significant new level of growth.

In 2008, CommuniTea was the first local company to market kombucha in the Seattle area. We have longevity and consistency with key retailers; we began in Whole Foods in 2012 and we’ve been in PCC since 2014. We are now in all 15 of their stores. Although we are small, the kombucha market is BIG, which means there is tremendous room for our company to grow with product innovation and market development.

He wants to talk to entrepreneurs interested in an equity position and who want to take a hand in propelling the business forward.

Interested? Contact Chris at Call 206-618-4362.


The content of this article is presented for informational purposes only. I am not an investment advisor, nor do I have any financial interest or sponsorship relationship with CommuniTea. Check with your qualified financial advisors before proceeding. If you know of other kombucha-related investment opportunities please send details to

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