2,000+ Brands

Measuring the growth in the worldwide kombucha market isn’t easy. However, in preparation for the year-end analysis of brands launched three years ago, we’ve recently updated the Booch News Worldwide Directory and now have over 2,000 brands listed.

This is the single largest listing of commercial kombucha companies available anywhere.

Kombucha is taking the world by storm: back in October 2019 we listed 1,000 brands.

There’s no guarantee all are still in business – the Directory serves an archival function so even brands no longer active are listed as long as they maintain their website and/or social media.

Our methodology is quite simple, tracking Instagram accounts from one list of Followers to another. We include any company with a product is sold in a bottle that has a professionally produced label (eliminating the many home brewers who share their ‘booch with friends in recycled containers).

We’ve added brands in countries where kombucha wasn’t previously listed. So, if you find yourself in Cambodia, Egypt, Greece, Grenada, Kenya, Malta, Mauritius, Mongolia, Monaco, Nigeria, or Qatar looking to buy a bottle of ‘booch — you can!

There’s probably more brands out there we missed. If you would like to me to add you, or make corrections to the listings that are already there, send an email to ian@boochnews.com.

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