Quickbooks TV ad: Teddy’s Kombucha

The kombucha market in the USA has reached critical mass! A TV ad for the Intuit Quickbooks accounting software features a fictional kombucha company.


The owner of Teddy’s Kombucha says:

When I started my new kombucha business I thought there be a lot more kombucha and a lot less business. As a small business owner, I’ve learned that trying to be the cool boss is a lot harder when you’re actually the stressed boss.

Teddy’s facility comes complete with red bird logos, a rack of opaque glass bottles, and stainless steel fermentation tanks. Teddy himself has the denim shirt, designer eyewear, and denim shirt that is de rigueur for anyone hoping to make it in this business 🙂

The other fictional company featured in the ad makes furniture. Intuit’s ad legitimizes kombucha as the ‘cool’ trend in small business.

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