Kombucha Curious: How a Drink Transformed My Life, by Duff McDonald

Duff McDonald — the philosopher of kombucha — interviewed me for his How to Tickle Yourself podcast in January. His podcast ranges over a variety of topics: politics, spirituality, inspiration, and, yes, kombucha. He has interviewed Adam Benziger, the founder of Laughing Gut Kombucha, and Hannah Crum.

Duff has now released a 2 hr 47 min Audible book Kombucha Curious: How a Drink Transformed My Life. If you are not an Audible subscriber there are trial subscription options available.

Journalist and author Duff McDonald takes us inside the biological, physiological, and spiritual benefits of this beloved beverage, one of a remarkable category of liquids known as “living drinks.” Packed with healthy probiotics, kombucha is, quite literally, alive and McDonald makes a very good case that the life in the drink adds to the life of the drinker. Threaded through that narrative is his own remarkable experience with the drink, one that started with a sip but has transformed into an entire home-brewing operation. Over the course of that journey, he discovers that kombucha has indeed transformed his life, pointing the way to the answer to many of life’s vexing questions.

Starting with his first sip in 2016, he quickly fell in love with kombucha, and brews his own. He acknowledges kombucha changed his life for the better and, to him, “tastes like happiness with fizz.”

His passion for the benefits of kombucha extend beyond the biochemistry to the ways in which it is a positive force in the world. He celebrates the “infinite possibilities” of flavoring his home-brewed kombucha.

He references Booch News in Chapter Six.

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  1. Duff says:

    Ian! We don’t talk politics on How to Tickle Yourself!

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