For Sale: BB Kombucha, Montpellier, France

BB Kombucha is looking for a new owner. Located located in Vailhauquès, near Montpellier in the south of France, they specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of fermented non-alcoholic drinks. They currently produce 100% certified organic kombucha and ginger beer distributed under two different brands mostly locally. They also produce white label kombucha for an organic national distributor.

Owner Brice Parlant supplied these details.

Sale Sheet

I am selling the shares of the business (“parts sociales”) or the business assets (“fond de commerce”), and looking for a buyer to run the business in my place. The business owns two brands of kombucha (BB & Joy) which have a good reputation and are well known locally.

The equipment

The brewery is a fully equipped 5HL brewery (1000HL/year) with a brewing tank, a mixing tank, 3 x 16HL conical double jacketed fermenters, 3 x 5HL conical jacketed bright tanks, all ISO, cold and hot groups, plate filter, membrane filter, a fully automated isobarometric bottling line (labeler, filler, capper), a air-compressor, 2 pumps, one electrical forklift, one electrical palet-jack and one manual palet-jack, hoses and accessories. As well as a cold room 16m2, a fermentation room 20m2, a refrigerated reefer container 40’, storage racks, a lab space, all is in a 200m2 building. We have offices upstairs in the same building 40m2. We also have a refrigerated truck for deliveries, and a small electric car.


Over the past four years I’ve developed a unique kombucha fermentation process with the help of a big lab. We’ve selected our bacteria, and have an innovative fermentation process that give our kombucha a unique fruity flavor (no off aromas and no vinagery taste) with the one of the lowest alcohol percentage on the market. Our process is standardized, so the quality is consistent from batch to batch, and production is easily scaled. I’ve created original recipes, tested and approved by our clients. We have a set line of fresh kombucha in 33cl and 1L format, and a pasteurized line of kombucha, as well as seasonal flavors. We also make Ginger Beer. I’m always looking for ways to improve our kombucha, always working on new flavors, new ideas that I will gladly share with youfour

Our unflavored kombucha (Original) won a medal at the Kombucha World Awards 2023!

Client Portfolio

We have currently over a 150 active clients in France, and a listing of over 500 clients within all markets (organic shops, restaurants bars, supermarkets).


We are a team of five with four employees (three full time and one apprentice.)


The business is doing well, it has the potential to grow nationally/internationally and make millions. I will train and ensure the good transmission of the business.

I will send over yearly statements to serious buyers.

Price for the shares of the business (parts sociales) €210,000 for the Assets (fond de commerce) €275,000.


The content of this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is presented for general informational purposes only. We have no relationship with the sellers.

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