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Rebranding riles Twitter

I was amused to see that Twitter saw fit to place a warning label on a tweet from the folks at You + I kombucha in Glasgow, Scotland. They rebranded — launching with a beautiful minimalist label design –switching from...


Book Review: ‘Craft Beer, Rebranded’ by CODO Design

Craft Beer, Rebranded (and the companion workbook) is a newly published step-by-step guide to help map out a successful strategy for rebranding a brewery. While written for the craft beer industry, it’s equally applicable to kombucha brands. Subtitled Evolution, revolution...


CBC: The science of packaging and label design

The online Craft Brewers Conference continued with a presentation by design and marketing experts CODO Design describing a scientific approach to packaging: Using Science to See What Packaging Works and How Your Brewery Can Sell More Beer. This 90-minute, 85-slide,...