Cool Hand ‘Booch: Instagram pictures

The single most common image found when we surveyed Kombucha company Instagram feeds is, hands down, pictures of people holding ‘booch.

Here’s a sample of 72 handy images. Can you spot your favorite brand?

Kombucha at hand - 1 of 2
Kombucha at hand - 2 of 2

Some companies go the extra mile and show multiple bottles.

Sometimes, there’s a spooky resemblance between the backgrounds chosen for different brands (employing the same art director?)

Having a hand in things seems to be a thing that other beverage companies are into. There’s beer:

And soda:

And coffee:

And water:

Heck, there’s even pictures of people holding Castor Oil bottles.

Personally, I’ll stick to kombucha.

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  1. the_editor says:

    Cove Kombucha shows how it’s done!
    Cove Selfie

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