2020 Social Media Stats: Twitter

Twitter remains a distant third in popularity among brands in the kombucha industry, behind Instagram and Facebook. Almost all brands promote themselves on Instagram, and over three-quarters on Facebook. But only 17% of the brands in our Worldwide Directory have a presence on Twitter.

As we did for Instagram and Facebook, we posted a league table of the top brands on Twitter in 2019 at the end of 2019.

This table shows the percent change in the number of Followers over the past year for the 18 of the original 20 who are still on Twitter:

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory, Dec 31, 2020

The stand-out exception is The Gut Stuff, who are actually more of a general probiotic company rather than ‘pure-play’ kombucha and should perhaps have been left out of the original rankings last year. Only five other brands saw an increase in the number of Followers. The majority experienced a decline.

Reviewing the change in the volume of Tweets:

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory, Dec 31, 2020

While none of the brands can rival the volume of tweets of a certain American president, companies like GTs, Big Easy Bucha, Tonica, and KeVita average two tweets a day.

There’s no correlation between the number of tweets and the number of followers. Despite tweeting over 600 times, Big Easy Bucha actually lost followers. The Gut Stuff only tweeted 200 times and yet added over 1,000 followers. KeVita added exactly one new follower for each tweet, whereas GTs only added a new follower for every three tweets.

2020 Leader Board

This table shows the 20 leading kombucha companies. As with the Instagram table, we’ve removed companies that make products in addition to ‘booch that attract followers.

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory, Dec 31, 2020

It’s immediately apparent how few followers even the leading brands have on Twitter when compared to Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, Health-Ade has only 5% of the Twitter followers they attract on Instagram. KeVita has only 5% of the followers they have on Facebook.

The potential of Twitter

Last year I wrote at length about the potential of Twitter as a platform for customer engagement and its unparalleled flexibility:

Unlike Instagram, you won’t be judged on the quality of the pictures alone. Twitter also allows you to embed links in messages. You can drive followers to other sources of information. It has rich multimedia capabilities, including the ability to add images, videos, or GIFs to your tweets. People engage in conversations on Twitter. You can even run polls (on favorite flavors, food pairings and more). Heck, you don’t even have to create content from scratch, since re-tweets are a great way of boosting your visibility and building relationships with customers.

However, it’s clear that, for most brands, Twitter is not the best use of the limited time they can spend marketing on social media.

For those who want to keep up-to-date on information about this industry, the Booch News Twitter feed is one way to follow the news.


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