Kombucha Summit Berlin: Day 2 – Partner Experience

The partner sponsors of the Kombucha Summit exhibited at booths on the mezzanine level above the main auditorium. I spoke with each about their services, hear what they told me in this podcast.

CDR Kombucha Lab

The CDR KombuchaLab system combines analysers with dedicated chemistry to perform kombucha quality control. CDR KombuchaLab is an innovative system for the analysis of kombucha, which is used to optimise the production process obtaining results in real-time. It can be used in all production phases from the beginning of fermentation to the bottling of the finished product.

Clemens Getränketechnik

Clemens Getränketechnik is your competent partner for sales and service in the areas of filling, capping, cleaning, labelling and packaging up to a performance range of 20,000 bottles per hour. They have been working successfully with Italian partner companies for over 45 years, which they represent exclusively in Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia. In addition, they have been distributing stainless steel tanks for beer and wine for over 20 years.

Good Culture Kombucha

Good Culture Kombucha supplies pre-fermented kombucha ingredients to over 150+ kombucha brands globally. Their main ingredient “Manna-K” allows kombucha brands to produce the highest quality delicious kombucha possible, easily scale up their production and guarantee their product is alcohol-free. With stock available from their warehouses in Amsterdam, London, Dublin & Cincinnati USA it can be delivered to you within a couple of days


Kombucha is a living beverage. The quality of your kombucha starts with the right quality of water. LEOGANT transforms tap water into the quality of fresh spring water. The Berlin based studio creates custom solutions for the food industry to produce with high-quality purified water. With the water concepts of the carbon-neutral, value-driven company, you will have a head-start regarding water quality.


Since 1958, Polsinelli has been manufacturing equipment for the production of wine, craft beer, olive oil, liqueurs and kombucha for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, manufacturers as well as for hobbyists. Their products are designed in harmony with tradition, handcrafted with the support of technologies and high-accuracy techniques. Since 2017, the company has been focusing on the production of equipment for fermentable products like kombucha.


Quality4Food provides metal packaging solutions for the beverage industry. They provide a range of canning lines starting at 10 cans per minute, including depalletising, filling and closing, labelling and seam control systems to verify your can is closed correctly.

Rare Combinations

In 2017, Rare Combinations Founder Nick Robertson was trying to start a kombucha brewery in Athens, Georgia. After discovering the 0.5% alcohol content limit in the US, he set out to create an affordable alcohol content detector for kombucha brewers. Today, over 150 brewers around the world now use the Rare Combinations alcohol content detector!

Taste Labs

Taste Labs are a private label manufacturer based in Bruges, Belgium with a fermented drinks pilot factory specialised in kombucha, recognised for its years of experience and a market leader in Europe. They offer a complete service, starting with the development to the production and management of the finished product. Their pilot factory offers production runs from 1,000 to 30,000L.


Mannanova helps small, medium and large kombucha producers launch and scale their production. They do this thanks to in-person workshops, the online Kombucha Masterclass and consulting mandates. They also produce Manna-K, a kombucha base that stabilises fermentation in order to minimise alcohol and exploding bottles. It’s ideal for ensuring a consistent product, scaling your production and simplifying your life!

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