Kombucha Summit Berlin: Day 1 – Audience Impressions

At the end of a very full day of conference presentations, networking, partner booths, refreshments at the kombucha bar and a great selection of lunch foods, I asked some of the attendees to share their impressions of the event.

Listen to the podcast to hear what they had to say.

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  1. the_editor says:

    Kallia, founder of The Greek Gut in Athens, shares her impressions of the conference. As a self-proclaimed ‘newbie’ she appreciated the common goal:

    What we love most about brewing (and brewers of) kombucha is that there is one common goal: to bring health to our communities with this alive and nourishing elixir–We are a positive bunch who geek out on herbs and spices and fruits and just want whats best for our wellbeing! Because we know that to care for oneself is to care for the rest of humanity.

    Her take-aways:

    💸 Cheap is always more expensive
    💙 Take care of your entire culture, from kombucha to personnel
    🙏 It’s okay to ask for guidance (and frequently)
    🕙 Take it slow

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