2022 Social Media Stats: Instagram by Region

Following yesterdays post on Instagram, I have broken out results for the top three brands by number of Followers for regions and countries. This was an audience request at the Berlin Kombucha Summit. It seemed like a good idea and was easy enough to track when tallying up the numbers.

I don’t give results for the smaller countries. It is a simple matter for anyone interested to click on each brand in turn and write down the numbers. However, this is a challenge for countries like Brazil where the data is split across multiple States.

Again, these are the numbers as of December 31, 2022.


Here are the three most popular brands in each region listed in the Worldwide Directory

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory

US States

Here are the top three brands in the eight US States with more than 20 kombucha companies. If you are curious about elsewhere, it should not take long to click on the Instagram link of each brand in turn and get the totals.

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory


These are countries with more than 30 kombucha companies, plus a couple I’ve recently reported from (Germany, Ireland).

Source: Booch News Worldwide Directory


One can speculate endlessly about what these social media stats mean for the kombucha industry in each region. Since, unlike craft beer and other alcoholic beverages, there is no requirement to report sales, they are one measure of market penetration and relative maturity.

Two of the hot spots for kombucha in the States are California and Oregon. There are brands here where the number of followers are in the six figures.

There are a total of 2,563,111 followers of the 622 brands in the USA which has a population of 332 million. Each brand serves 500,000 people. There are an average of 4,120 Instagram followers per brand.

There are a total of 296,994 followers of the 95 brands in the UK which has a population of 67 million. Each brand serves 700,00 people. There are an average of 3,126 followers per brand. If the brands in the UK upped their number of followers to the average number of US brands they would add 100,000 customers nationwide. If the number of brands increased so there was a brand for each 500,000 Brits there would be … a lot more kombucha sold!

While each country has unique market challenges, social media platforms are one way to engage with customers, promote product, and build a brand.


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